High Tide
~ An aquatic love story with strong environmental and spiritual themes

“They that love beyond the worlds cannot be separated by them”

“I raise my face to the sky but all I feel is water. Sunlight in the form of water envelops me; cloaks me. They say heaven is above but I sense it here, below. And it is peaceful; it is quiet.” ~ High Tide

I Hold My Face to the Sky

Early reviews are in…


“The entire story unfolds like the interminable ebb and flow of the tide”

“A most unusual story”

“A haunting tale of love, redemption, sacrifice and trust”

“Luring, evocative and hypnotic”

“Vivid imagery, incredible world building and high stakes”

“An adult’s version of The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, yet entirely original”

“Beautifully devastating”

“This story is nothing short of epic!”

Release date: T.B.A.

* Photo credit: Jason deCaires Taylor

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